Take a Breath

I trained and qualified as a Breathwork Coach to find a new approach in helping clients understand their anxiety and take back control of it.
I’m a strong advocate in ‘never asking another to do something that I haven’t tried myself’ because, quite simply, I’d feel a fraud!
Having incorporated breath exercises into my daily routine and appreciated the physical, mental & emotional benefits I am passionate in sharing my knowledge and helping you do the same.

Before modern medicine us humans had to find a way to calm our anxiety, break free from depression and self regulate to make sense of our reality and allow us to socially engage with others.
We used the very thing under our nose, which is available 24/7 and free of charge, …our breath. Hailed as ‘using a lost art’ our breath has the ability to turn down the brain’s mental chatter and bring us back into a state of emotional balance.

I can work with you purely as a Breathwork Coach, or introduce it in the counselling room as a therapeutic tool. Either way, I will guide you with some psycho-education to understand the positive effects and provide you with appropriate breath exercises which are safe and easy to follow in your own time.

If your head is constantly worrying about the future, and your heart is sad about the past, maybe it’s time to hang out in your lungs and be more present!