The average person throughout their lifetime spends roughly six months waiting at traffic lights.

If you are truly happy to be alone with yourself in these ‘empty moments’ then you don’t need to engage in therapy.

If however you are not, and find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, or emotionally lost then therapy could help you find a new direction.

There is no magical cure for the many and varied challenges that we face in our lifetime, neither is there an assurance that we can overcome them.

What is known is that sharing your emotions in a confidential, non-judgmental environment where you feel validated will facilitate in finding the answer that works for you.

Quite simply, that’s how therapy works.

No opinions, no judgments, and no “told you so’s”  that well-meaning friends and family members might utter! But instead, a safe place where you can be you, to make sense of the situation and to explore your options

As your therapist I am not emotionally involved, neither am I an authority of what works best for you. You are!

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I am an approved practitioner with the Private Practice Register and my clinical work is recognised by the following private health insurers:

Vitality Health